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IBM zSystems are the foundation of UNICOM’s digital transformation, legacy application modernization and hybrid cloud solutions.

UNICOM solutions and the IBM zSystems platform accelerate transformation and streamline cloud adoption and modernization. This approach optimizes client investment in existing enterprise applications and infrastructure while harnessing the latest mainframe and cloud innovations for a client’s modernization path.

UNICOM’s blueprint for walking clients through a digital transformation journey utilizes next-generation IBM technologies and UNICOM’s blockchain, AI and machine learning initiatives that underpin our digital transformation solutions. A key component of this approach is UNICOM® Universal Gateway (UniGW®).

The IBM zSystem provides the performance, availability, stability, agility and resiliency at scale which is critical to our growth and innovation strategy. In this constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape, the IBM zSystems security evolutions are essential in protecting our clients’ data and ensure delivery of continuous operations."

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UNICOM and IBM are technology and business partners who jointly serve IBM zSystems, IBM Power systems, and Open systems customers in more than 70 countries. IBM zSystems is a key part of UNICOM’s emerging technology strategy as performance, cyber resiliency and hybrid cloud architecture capabilities are essential in today’s hybrid environments. This partnership includes seven acquisitions of IBM solutions and five licensing agreements where UNICOM develops and supports IBM solutions.

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We chose Macro 4/UNICOM because their IBM zSystems solution was easy to implement and low risk. The support from the Macro 4/UNICOM team was also ideal! By using Macro 4/UNICOM solutions, we were able to increase the quality and stability of our systems and also save costs. Macro 4/UNICOM has always supported us in all matters and we look forward to further cooperation."

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The UNICOM Innovation Labs in Chantilly, Virginia and in White House, New Jersey are the technology hubs serving the Washington DC and New York areas.

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The UNICOM solutions running on the IBM zSystems platform support many workloads for us with exceptional growth capabilities. The IBM zSystems security is a mandatory requirement in today’s environment. This platform empowers better business outcomes and plays a critical role in digital transformation."

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