UNICOM Government Wins NASA SEWP V Contract

$20b Award Extends Company’s SEWP Partnership up to 10 Years


HERNDON, VA- March 26, 2015 - UNICOM Government, Inc., (UGI) a leading provider of IT solutions supporting the missions of government agencies, today announced that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) awarded two contracts to UNICOM Government for the Solution for Enterprise-Wide Procurement V (SEWP V) contract. UNICOM Government is a division of the multinational IT solution provider UNICOM Global.  

UNICOM Government received contract awards under Category A, Scalable Computer System Group and, Category D, Network Devices, Computer Security Tools and Advanced Video Conference Tools, which expands the Company’s fulfillment capabilities from its previous award under the predecessor contract, SEWP IV.  UNICOM Government, formerly known as GTSI (NASDAQ: GTSI), has held one or more NASA SEWP contracts continuously since the first SEWP contract was awarded in 1991.

 “The UNICOM Government team under UNICOM Global’s leadership has expanded its solutions and capabilities, and this is reflected in the prestigious award under two categories of SEWP V,” said Corry Hong, founder and CEO of UNICOM Global. “With a long history of past-performance and innovative solutions to federal agencies under the SEWP contracts, UNICOM is uniquely positioned to deliver complex systems and technology solutions through the agencies who rely on SEWP procurement for their IT needs.”

UNICOM Government provides infrastructure solutions that support, connect and enhance enterprise computing, networking and unified communications and advanced video solutions. UGI’s unique Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) program provides a proactive, strategic plan for preserving integrity and optimizing performance of IT infrastructure. Certified resources maintain and provide asset management, technical support, training, and on-site staff augmentation required for agencies to receive maximum value from their technology investments. TLM has been employed successfully under past SEWP contracts and will further enhance UGI’s provisions under SEWP V. 

GTSI was acquired by UNICOM Global in 2012, and rebranded as UNICOM Government, Inc. Following the acquisition the new organization has been strengthened with the financial foundation, depth of relationships and increased commitment to technical excellence of UNICOM Global. UNICOM was founded in 1981 by Mr. Corry Hong, who continues today as president and CEO to lead the expanding operation with his technical, financial and business acumen.  For more than three decades, UNICOM has established itself as the leader in delivering mission-critical solutions around the world in the federal, state and local government organizations in addition to its expansive commercial base of customers.


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UNICOM Government is a leading provider of technology solutions and professional services to federal, state and local governments. Founded in 1983, the company has helped meet the unique IT needs of more than 1,700 governmental agencies worldwide. UNICOM Government and its professionals draw on their deep knowledge, strategic partnerships, customer service and numerous industry certifications to guide agencies in selecting the most cost-effective technology available. With extensive capabilities and past performance in software development, data center, networking, collaboration, security and cloud computing solutions, as well as with advance engineering, integration, support and financial services – and broad portfolio contacts – UNICOM Government eases the planning, purchasing and deployment of IT solutions and facilitates the management of mission-critical IT throughout the lifecycle. UNICOM Government has facilities in and around Herndon, Virginia, and formerly traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol (NASDAQ: GTSI). 

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