DoXite 9.1 delivers new electronic invoicing capabilities

DETEC releases new version of document composition solution


Groß-Gerau, GERMANY, May 24, 2023 – DETEC, a supplier of solutions for document-based corporate communications, has introduced release 9.1 of its DoXite software. The DoXite document composition product enables the flexible and automated design, production, distribution and archiving of digital and printed business documents.

Electronic invoicing via XML

Companies can streamline electronic business transactions between each other by exchanging information in machine-readable XML formats using DoXite. Any data or document content can be converted into customized XML formats and automatically processed by business applications, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

DoXite 9.1 supports XRechnung 2.2.0 – which has been mandatory for sending invoices to German public-sector customers since August 1st, 2022 – as well as the Factur-X and ZUGFeRD standards, which meet the latest European Union requirements for electronic invoicing. These standards prescribe specific XML data exchange formats to support seamless commerce between organizations.

With the new version of XRechnung, a valid telephone number and email address must be included to ensure that contact can be made directly with the responsible person at the invoicing party in the event of problems with an invoice. DoXite’s validator feature also checks compliance with these new rules to ensure that documents conform to the latest XRechnung standard.

In DoXite Release 9.1, a new eDocument driver is now available for creating XRechnung-compliant invoices. This allows XML data to be generated instantly, without needing to create a PDF document first, so the effort required to produce invoices is reduced to a minimum and performance is significantly improved. In addition, multiple electronic invoicing formats – complying with XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and Factur-X standards – can be defined within a single document layout, removing the need to maintain separate document layouts for each required standard. Conditions are used to specify which format is to be produced in which case. This provides the flexibility to meet all standards with just one invoice definition. “This new version of DoXite enables our customers to continue to comply with the EU directive for electronic invoicing with minimal administrative effort,” said Carsten Owerfeldt, Head of Development at DETEC.

Further enhancement of XFA forms in DoXite

With DoXite's Document Styler, organizations can design the layout of their documents by positioning variable XML data in the right place. In DoXite 9.1 it is now also possible to import forms from Adobe LiveCycle Designer to DoXite via XFA (Adobe’s XML Forms Architecture). Once imported, extended functionality is available which allows different layouts to be defined for various pages within a single document. Additionally, content can be presented in nested tables with fully automated pagination, surpassing the capabilities of Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

Further information about DoXite can be found at:

DoXite is also available as Columbus DoXite, a core component of the Columbus enterprise information management platform of which version 9 is now available.


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